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Where I introduce myself
Published on Thursday, 26 January 2023

Let me introduce myself

Hi there! Welcome!

This marks the start of my journey into the world of blogs, and I thought it would make sense for me to introduce myself. I am a Software Developer, Computer Scientist, Technical Lead, Senior Dev, etc. Many titles, but basically: I like computers, and I care deeply about Software Development, Design, and the sustainability of those!

My educational background is a bit of a blur. I studied Computer Science and the University, but never finished my Bsc. I dropped out and got a smaller degree and started working instead. At my first job, I was there part time while studying. I maintained the servers, installed software packages for the other developers, etc. All the operations stuff was handled by me. Backups, virtual machines, all that noise.

While I was there, I learned how to work my way around the Linux operating system and quickly fell in love with it, like many developers do, due to its customizability and having developer toolchains right there ready to install from the package manager.

Once I concluded my study, I got a different full-time employment, and I've stuck around there for 7 years now. I have learned a lot and I've risen in the ranks and am now in charge of many of the software projects we develop, and the people involved.

The tech stack

While in school, we learned Java, as soon as I got a taste of Python, I fell in love with how simple and expressive it was, and I quickly set out to make it my main tool for everything. Looking at the Python developer community, I get the sense that many feel the same as I: Liberating to be able to get stuff running with just a few lines of code, and then build from there.

Web-development has been the main segment I've worked in, so Django has been my companion for the last 10 years.

During my professional career, I've also picked up C# along the way. First, it was something I had to learn to work with Unity, but later, I've also dived into .NET.

Why write this blog?

So what is this blog for? Well, there are many reasons why I've started this blog. One reason is that I like to learn new things, and learning how to wield a CMS is something I never had the opportunity to do, so I figured this would be a great way to get my hands dirty, but more importantly:

  • I read, practice, and learn a lot along the way, and I want to give back to the developer community, and also possibly spark discussion, that I can learn from even more
  • I need an outlet to gather my thoughts on specific topics, and writing is a great way to do that. And instead of blasting it to social media; I'd much rather write something proper and maintain the ownership of that work
  • I want to get better at technical writing and conveying technical problems and solutions in writing, so that I can also better document my work at my place of employment
  • Finally, I want to demonstrate what I can do and what I learn, so that people who follow me will know what to expect from me

I don't intend to be the next big Software Development Guru or anything, and fame is not all the exciting for me. I am simply doing this for the exercise, and if someone wants to read it and discuss, I welcome it

What to expect?

For now, I have an outline of 10 topics for upcoming blog posts. Some of those will definitely be part of a longer series. I'll try to maintain a topical thread through all of the posts, so that when read in chronological order, they can build on top of each other. I will be sure to link back, if a post relies on the context of older articles.

The topics will range from "what it is like to work in software development" to "Here is a very specific technical problem that I am tackling".

If you are still reading this and have not fallen asleep yet, then a warm welcome to you, and

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Hi! thanks for dropping in to pick my brain

I write on this blog for my own benefit. I write because I like to, and because it helps me process topics. It is also my own little home on the web and a place for me to experiment.

Since you're here though, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you've read here, so please leave a comment below. Also, if you like what you read and want to give a small tip, fell free to:

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