Botched Deployments

This is where I give myself the opportunity to rant and vent and let everyone know my struggles 😊

My first honest open source contribution

Where I share my experience of giving back to the community

While I've been a consumer of open source software for decades, I've often found it hard to contribute back to the communities. Until recently, all I've managed is the occasional typo fix in the documentation of whatever library.


DDD, Clean Architecture, and Dotnet

Where I explore some common design concepts

As evident from earlier posts, I come from a background of Django development, where - for better or worse - everything is wrapped closely around the ORM, which employs the Active Record pattern.


2024 so far

Where I catch up on what has happened since last post

I had set a goal for myself to try to write up a blog post at least every month. The target I set for myself was simply in order for me to keep practising writing, and to get in the habit of exploring topics in detail and opening myself up to scrutiny by putting it online.