Broke the build!

Published on Monday, 3 July 2023

Broke the Build!

I realized that despite choosing "Botched Deployments" for my blog's domain name, I haven't really written much about botching deployments.

I've had a few stories in mind, mostly from my own experience and some shared by others, but I suppose it hasn't been my priority yet. It leaves me wondering which one I'll elaborate on first.

  • Could it be the episode when I carelessly exposed the company's AWS API token on StackOverflow, resulting in an unexpected monthly invoice of $25k?
  • Or the incident when I was overly hasty in the terminal, repeating a command from prompt history, only to accidentally delete the folder containing all the data files for all of the virtual machines - the backbone of the company's essential infrastructure?

I suppose we'll see. With the summer break coming up, it's uncertain when I will find the time to sit down and write.

For now, please enjoy this image I found on Mastodon! I attempted a Google reverse image search to give proper credit, but unfortunately, had no luck finding the source. Alas, it's too relatable not to share!

Image of a Ninja, who figured out who broke the build. When upside down, it looks like it was the ninja, who broke the build

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