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Published on Saturday, 10 June 2023

What is this now?

I just stumbled upon these old pieces of code in my archive. They are small JS based games that we wrote at school a decade ago.

I thought it would be too bad to just let it sit dead in an archive somewhere, so why not put them up here for anyone to try out and laugh at.

I've added the source to Github, so should anyone feel like contributing to the games, feel free 😜


Developed this one as a mid-term mini-project. I loved the old Asteroids game I had on my old PC 20 years ago, and wanted to make something in the same spirit. Didn't have time to add power-ups and stuff, but there is a game, and it plays well enough.


Developed this one as part of the Casual Games Exam. Credit to my team member as well of course.

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