Software Design

DDD, Clean Architecture, and Dotnet

Where I explore some common design concepts

As evident from earlier posts, I come from a background of Django development, where - for better or worse - everything is wrapped closely around the ORM, which employs the Active Record pattern.


Short review of Eric Evans' Domain Driven Design

I've been lining up a list of books to read and going through them slowly. I'm not exactly sure how this all came together, but a great place to start is by Listening to what Martin Fowler has to say about software design.


Breaking out of vendor lock-in (part 2)

Where I try to describe a general approach for replacing one tech stack for another

This post continues the story from my previous post about vendor lock-in. The previous post wasn't very general in nature, and focused a lot instead on my specific woes; mostly talking about a problem, and not so much a solution.


Breaking out of vendor lock-in

Where I try to plan how to switch away from Django

I've been thinking a reading a lot about how to overcome vendor lock-in in general. Seems to be a very tricky problem to solve!