Botched Deployments (Page 2)

This is where I give myself the opportunity to rant and vent and let everyone know my struggles 😊

Messing with images

Where I modify image pixels using JS

Messing with pixel colors in CSS can be tricky. I have recently been presented with a tricky challenge, which doesn't seem to have a straightforward solution, but rather, only a lot of partial answers, so I wanted to explore that a little.


Short review of Eric Evans' Domain Driven Design

I've been lining up a list of books to read and going through them slowly. I'm not exactly sure how this all came together, but a great place to start is by Listening to what Martin Fowler has to say about software design.


Python DocX Charts

Where I do charts the stupid way

Python-docx is a great tool for working with docx files in Python. One problem is that it doesn't do graphs. We needed it to print some pretty reports, and had to get creative.