Botched Deployments (Page 4)

This is where I give myself the opportunity to rant and vent and let everyone know my struggles 😊

Casual games

Where I share some old stuff from school

I just stumbled upon these old pieces of code in my archive. They are small JS based games that we wrote at school a decade ago.


Breaking out of vendor lock-in (part 2)

Where I try to describe a general approach for replacing one tech stack for another

This post continues the story from my previous post about vendor lock-in. The previous post wasn't very general in nature, and focused a lot instead on my specific woes; mostly talking about a problem, and not so much a solution.


JAMstack appeal

Where I dive into JAMstack stuff for a little while

Short for "JavaScript, API, and Markup". In short, the idea is that a website/webapp doesn't need server side processing, but can be precompiled to a set of markup files and scripts that communicate with APIs to deliver dynamic and data-bound features.