My first honest open source contribution

Where I share my experience of giving back to the community

DDD, Clean Architecture, and Dotnet

Where I explore some common design concepts

2024 so far

Where I catch up on what has happened since last post


Gaming Nostalgia

Where I take a trip down memory lane

Messing with images

Where I modify image pixels using JS

Short review of Eric Evans' Domain Driven Design

Python DocX Charts

Where I do charts the stupid way

My take on Godot so far

Where I share my experience with Godot so far

My Past Screw-up

Where I share my past screwups

JS Frameworks

Where I cry about JS frameworks

Broke the build!

The story of the Cardboard Ship

Where I explore an allegory of software projects

Casual games

Where I share some old stuff from school

Breaking out of vendor lock-in (part 2)

Where I try to describe a general approach for replacing one tech stack for another

JAMstack appeal

Where I dive into JAMstack stuff for a little while

Python isn't a silver bullet

Where I evaluate my experience with Python

Advent of Code

Where I share my experience with AoC

Breaking out of vendor lock-in

Where I try to plan how to switch away from Django

Django - The Bad Parts

Where I rant and vent and blame anyone but myself

About the author

Where I introduce myself